Pain Caused By Car Accidents and Motor Vehicle Accidents, Photo from Cool Valley on Flickr.comPain and Injuries from Car Accidents and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Hi , this is Dave from Shoreline, WA and I'm kicking off my experiences with Pain and Injuries from Car Accidents and Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Last year, I had a motor vehicle accident that fits the profile for the type of injury I sustained to a "T".  Age: 50+, male, married, tibial plateau fracture, motorcycle incident.

The first mini-bike I rode was in the 1960's, then dirt bikes in the 70"s, and street bikes from then on , up to August 2010. This wasn't a midlife crisis motorcycle purchase as some of you may have been thinking.

What an adventure these last seven months have wrought. Rides in fire department aid cars, ambulance rides, multiple surgeries, and five months (and counting!) of physical therapy. It seems limitless in thrills and chills, although I don't recommend it to thrill seekers or anyone else,

There will be a series of blogs that will hopefully offer helpful tips on what to expect from surgeries and therapies such as mine, so that you can learn from my mistakes without the painful lessons I learned.

We will cover things like:

I look forward to sharing my continuing saga in the coming year and wish you the success I've had in dealing with one of the most painful injuries imaginable.

Shoreline, WA